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BULLZAR DApp @2024

Elevating Base Mainnet Experience

A dynamic decentralized application built on the Base Mainnet, empowers users to seamlessly manage their CLUB base tokens and NFTs. Offering exclusive club member access and an engaging array of casino-style games, Bullzar transforms the BULLSCLUB ecosystem into a versatile platform for utility, rewards,  and entertainment.

BULLZAR at Blockscout

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Premier Polygon NFT Marketplace

providing a secure and user-friendly platform for trading, discovering, and collecting digital assets across polygon blockchain network. With a commitment to innovation, BullMart pioneers the future of NFT ecosystems.


decentralized application (DApp) on the BASE NETWORK, stands as the comprehensive hub for BULLSCLUB asset management. exclusive members-only sections, providing privileged access to unique features and opportunities. Users can leverage the DApp to engage in strategic initiatives, earn rewards, and explore various membership privileges


BULLGATE BASE Non Custodial wallet App, Available 2025

Every Industry Can Benefit From WEB3.

Web3 technology can revolutionize traditional financial services by providing decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions. Smart contracts, or  transform healthcare through secure and interoperable data sharing, And The digital entertainment and gaming industry can leverage Web3 for decentralized ownership and trade of in-game assets, utilizing blockchain for provable scarcity and authenticity. 


Finance and Banking:





LEGACY MEMBERS "134 Members"

  • Limited Edition Collectibles:

    contributing to its scarcity and value., The rarity of specific traits or features within the NFTs' DNA can further enhance their personality for future machine learning implantation

  • Unique DNA Programming

    Each BULLSCLUB Legacy Member NFT possesses a distinct and unique digital DNA, creating individualized and identifiable characteristics for every token.

  • Exclusive Access Members Only Sections:

    Our NFTs serve as digital keys, granting exclusive access to specific members-only sections within the community or platform. holders enjoy a heightened exclusivity and privilege, accessing content, discussions, events and rewards reserved for a select group of members.

  • Dynamic Utility Beyond Access:

    CLUB NFTs offer utility beyond granting access, potentially unlocking special features, privileges, or benefits within the ecosystem. Holders rewarded with unique experiences, tokens, early access to events, or exclusive content based on the evolving capabilities of their NFTs.


The free version of our NFT COLLECTION GENERATOR enables users to create generative NFT collections of any desired number. NFTs come with their own metadata, aligning with Ethereum standards.

However, in the free version, the collection is not automatically pinned to IPFS, requiring users to manage IPFS pinning separately.



 offers a comprehensive solution by automatically pinning the generative NFT collection to IPFS, streamlining the process for users. Additionally, an advanced options, including the ability to create a custom smart contract for the NFT collection and minting script

Why building on BASE MAINNET ?!

 Base mainnet is an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) solution designed to offer a secure, cost-effective, and developer-friendly environment for building decentralized applications (dApps).

As BULLSCLUB makes the strategic transition to BASE NETWORK from its earlier blockchain origins, a transformative bridge is being erected to seamlessly integrate and reward early users, adaptors, and airdrop holders from different chains. @2025

WEB3 Domains

known as blockchain domains, are unique digital assets that exist on a blockchain. These domains can be bought, sold, and transferred just like traditional domains, but they come with additional features and capabilities enabled by blockchain technology.

What to do with web3 Domain!

SWAP 500+ tokens

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